Stop the Deportation of Sisters Karen and Lizza

Stop the Deportation of Sisters Karen and Lizza

Karen and Lizza came to the United States from Peru with their parents in 2002 when they were nine and thirteen years old. Today, they are eighteen and twenty two. They have been in this country since then and like other DREAMers, have worked hard to be good students and citizens. Just like all of us, they have big dreams of receiving an education and going to college to obtain a degree. Both sisters are now facing deportation, after ICE raided their home on January 25, 2011.

Karen is currently pursuing a High School diploma from McFattter High School. She is set to graduate with Honors and AP Credits, with a 3.6 GPA and wants to become a Psychologist. Karen was jailed in immigration detention along with her father after ICE came to their home and arrested them in January.  She currently has a deportation order and has not received deferred action.

On Monday, March 28, Karen appeared on Univision's Es El Momento, where she asked President Obama why students like her are still being deported. Here is the video:


Although Lizza, Karen’s sister, was not jailed in detention in January, she also has a deportation order. She is married to U.S. Citizen and has a pending I-130. Yet, even despite her situation, she has not received deferred action. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University and is expected to Graduate in 2011.

Sign this petition to ask the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama to stop the deportation and grant deferred action to Karen and Lizza.

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