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December 21, 2011

2011 has been a busy year for us at the Pension Rights Center. Just take a look at what we've been up to in the last few months. With your support, we will continue on our mission of ensuring that Americans achieve economic security in retirement in 2012. Happy holidays!
PRC Legal Director Appears on CNBC
Rebecca Davis, the Center's legal director, appeared on CNBC to highlight the importance of the Administration on Aging's Pension Counseling and Information Program in helping thousands of individuals receive the retirement benefits they have earned. As Rebecca notes in the interview, even a small pension can make a difference for retirees who are struggling to make ends meet. The Center provides technical assistance and training to the Program, which consists of six regional projects that serve 29 states. Project staff have helped individuals recover more than $120 million in pension benefits since the launch of the Program in 1993. Watch Rebecca on CNBC.

Has your pension plan found religion?

As a result of a recent change to Internal Revenue Service procedures, many people covered by pension plans of organizations that are affiliated with churches have begun to receive notices informing them that their employers are seeking approval from the IRS to convert their plans to church pension plans. The notices say that if the plans are granted "church plan status", they will no longer be protected by the private pension law. Thanks to a recent Center blog entry, many employees around the country now realize that tis means that they could lose their pensions, and have begun organizing to protest their employers' actions. With PRC's help, one group has already succeeded in persuading their employer to withdraw its request for an IRS ruling.  

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At a forum hosted by PRC, AARP, and the New America Foundation to discuss Retirement Heist, a new book by former Wall Street Journal reporter, Ellen Schultz, PRC director Karen Ferguson spoke about the devastating consequences on retirees of legal maneuvers that companies can use in the name of saving money, and practices such as recoupment - when a company makes a mistake, overpays a retiree, and then demands immediate repayment. In her speech, Karen also talked about reforms to address the problems detailed in Ellen's book, and the need for a new private retirement system.

Want to know what PRC thinks? Read our blog!

Have you been reading our blog? If so, you've read our take on American Airlines' bankruptcy filing and what it means for the retirement security of its employees, learned about the impact of a new IRS rule on the people who work at organizations associated with religious institutions, and you know the real story behind a recent study whose findings seem to indicate that older Americans have fared better than younger Americans during the current economic crisis. Stay in the know by subscribing to PRC Perspectives today.

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