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Help protect workers and retirees from unethical Wall Street advisers

President Obama has announced a major rule change, which protects Americans from financial advisers who are enriching themselves at the expense of your retirement savings. The proposed rule change ensures that financial professionals provide investment advice that is in your best interests, not advice that maximizes the adviser’s own fees and commissions.

If you think that you have been taken advantage of by a financial adviser who has given you bad advice on your retirement accounts, we want to hear from you. Help us document any problems that you have encountered, particularly as you roll over 401(k) money to IRAs.

Has your financial adviser encouraged you to roll over a 401(k), 403(b) or TSP into an IRA? If so, please describe any problems you may have encountered.
Has your financial adviser recommended retirement investments that you did not fully understand? If so, please explain in the field below.
Has your financial adviser boasted that the retirement investments he or she recommends can “beat the market”?
Do you FULLY understand all of the costs that you are paying for the products that your financial adviser recommends?
Provide your story below and help the Pension Rights Center protect the retirement savings of millions of workers and retirees.
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