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Current Actions

  • Ban clearcutting in California!

    Clearcutting threatens water, wildlife and climate.

    Stop the destruction of California’s forests!

    Clearcutting is highly destructive of the natural environment. Its effects include:

    • Destroying wildlife habitat and corridors and endangering native plants and animals;
    • Increasing soil erosion and sedimentation in rivers and streams, which increases the need for costly water treatment, diminishes the capacity of the state’s water storage facilities and harms wildlife;
    • Boosting the risk of intense wildfires by converting cool, moist forests into sun-baked slash piles and later to fire-prone tree plantations;
    • Degrading the state’s natural beauty, which in turn affects tourism, recreation, retirement and property values; and
    • Contributing to global warming by removing a major natural storage reservoir (standing vegetation) for carbon dioxide, and by exposing forest soils to accelerated weathering.

    Ending the practice of clearcutting in California’s forests is necessary and urgent. Our forests are being destroyed at an ever-increasing pace. You can help us fight clearcutting by helping to elevate this issue in the priorities of California’s elected officials.

    Sing the petition to ban clearcuts in California!
  • Big Timber’s “Wish List” Bill Advances in Senate!

    In numerous respects H.R. 2936 would tear down protections for forested and natural landscapes across America—lands owned by all Americans! To call the bill a monstrosity is no exaggeration. Write and call your U.S. senators today to oppose this industry giveaway!

  • Speak up for continued protection of lands and waters owned by all Americans!

    Numerous environmental and conservation issues are under debate right now—so many that it would be easy to miss the fact that our public lands are at a perilous crossroads: Decisions made in Washington, D.C., in the coming weeks could protect— or destroy— many places where we, and those we care about now and in the future, camp, hike, fish, and explore.

    This Sample Letter highlights four key public lands issues to watch.

  • Send your Letter-to-the-Editor Today!

    Tell MRC the People have Spoken--
    Stop Poisoning Trees in Mendocino!

    We have the opportunity to proactively speak out against continuation of the dangerous and unnecessary practice of industrial-scale tree-poisoning known as "hack and squirt!"

    We encourage you to modify the sample letter-to-the-editor below, to suit your own vocabulary and emphasis. Then send your letter, which will go to all five newspapers below today! (Note: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat is in Sonoma County, but widely read in Mendocino County.)

    Click here to go to our fuller background page on the issue, should you want to add more information to your letter.

    Make your voice heard for California’s forests!


Forests Forever:
Their Ecology, Restoration, and Protection
John J. Berger

from Forests Forever Foundation
and the Center for American Places