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Happy Friday!

I hope you're all keeping warm. Or, if you live somewhere warm, I hope that's pleasant for you. I've spent the past week in D.C., where it is not really warm, but I've heard it's not any warmer back home in Wisconsin. Still, I decided I will probably return home this evening… or maybe I'll just go to our Austin office, since we have one of those now.

Commons comments

It's the end of the year, so we've been talking a lot about ways to keep your fundraising fresh. Our weekly highlight with tips on effective donation asks, and I enjoyed tweeting about subject lines, reports, and other fun things with Adam and several Salsa users during our tweetchat yesterday.

If you haven't read this guest post on social media and sharing from Carie Lewis with the Humane Society of the United States yet, I highly recommend it. She included many awesome tips based on the lessons that she learned.

One lesson from last week's Rootscamp? Experimental messaging is more useful than a guru.

Thanks for the feedback regarding text options for messaging.

Bill outlined some great tips for creating a report that groups donations by year.

Has anyone worked with Highrise and Salsa? Do you have any tips?

Even though I only understand every other word from this post, I think it's an awesome example of custom development help.

Our office will be closed Friday, December 24 and Friday, December 31, so my holiday gift to you is no Friday Fiesta until the new year. You're thrilled, I'm sure.

Best wishes and happy organizing,


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The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
I usually like to add a few notes on my favorite topics as well as what's up in our office,
all delivered with a charming dose of rambling sarcasm,
because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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