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Happy Friday!

I've only eaten most of my son's Halloween candy this week. He did pretty well for a two-year-old cat, but I think the highlights of trick-or-treating were when he saw an ambulance, and when he received a little bag of pretzels. These little joys made it really easy for me to sneak away all of the chocolate without him even noticing. I am an awesome mom.

Commons comments

This week's highlight was about the registration deadline fields on events. Last week, we highlighted the nifty archives tag.

We also made some improvements to reports that should make it easier for you to return custom field data, and we already have approval.

Anne Dougherty, Director of Online Communications at Clean Water Action will be presenting a webinar on social networking on Wednesday, November 10. You should attend.

We have our own Twitter paper. If you responded "Twitter paper?!" as I did, no worries. I still think we're super-trendy.

April shared her thoughts about post-election organizing on Huffington Post the other day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for adding supporters to chapters?
Thanks to Bill for tips on using mail merges with your supporter data.

Enjoy your weekend! We'll be enjoying a local film festival and cutting and stacking wood for the winter. Why I'm always surprised by how cold Wisconsin gets is beyond me...


P.S. Please let us know how we can bug you better by filling out our communications survey.

The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
I usually like to add a few notes on my favorite topics as well as what's up in our office,
all delivered with a charming dose of rambling sarcasm,
because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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