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Happy Friday!

Because I'm sure many of you are curious, we decided our son will be a cat for Halloween. Reasoning: He's really good at meowing and growling, he's pretty sneaky, and the costume can basically consist of pajamas with a tail. Oh, and we know he likes cats because he tries to tackle ours all the time.

Speaking of tackling cats, "Making the most of end of year giving" is the topic of our next Third Thursday workshop on October 21, 4-6 p.m. Colleen Hutchings from the Environmental Working group will join our staff and share some tips and tricks for personalizing your donation asks.

Commons comments

This week's highlight was on breaking down email open and click rates by group.

If you tweet, a reminder that you can follow @salsacommons to see what's up in our Salsa community.

Carie shared how they used mySalsa with P2P pages.

Bryan posted some great tips for writing surveys and questionnaires.

Thanks to Jason for the scoring feedback. Does anyone have any tips for him with regards to his offline actions?

There are a number of good suggestions on using Excel spreadsheets on your website.

Thanks for all the thorough answers on targeting groups for email blasts.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
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