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Happy Friday!

It is not yet the end of October, though as my email subject line suggests I have costumes on the brain. Do you have any thoughts on how I should dress my two-year-old for Halloween?

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We have a snazzy new email template for our weekly highlight, so if you were so excited by the prettiness that you forgot to check out the content, we featured query options on email statistics, which could come in handy.

While you're thinking about email statistics, you should also definitely check out Brett's post describing how we track opens and clicks and how segmentation can help improve your email statistics.

Do you Tweet? You might like to check out our Salsa Commons feed.

Chris posted a notice about the email template improvements.

Check out Jerry Brown's mySalsa video. I found the music fun and the video instructions nice and clear. Very well done!

Thanks to Kevin for help with adding additional campaign managers and for the tips on sending e-cards to honorees.

Has anyone conducted any online auctions? If so, Carrie would like your feedback.

Thanks to Ilyse for her response with regards to a manual on Salsa.

This weekend, I plan on playing geeky games with friends, eating good food at a Festival of India and attending a few 10/10/10 events, inspired by 350.org.

I also intend to avoid the computer on Monday, because Salsa's closed for the holiday.

Have a happy weekend!


The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
I usually like to add a few notes on my favorite topics as well as what's up in our office,
all delivered with a charming dose of rambling sarcasm,
because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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