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Dear Salsa Users and Friends,

We have always said that a critical part of our mission is to help all Salsa users realize their vision for the potential of the technology we produce. We created Salsa Commons as a central meeting place for more than 20,000 Salsa users to connect and share ideas, get technical support, and collaborate both to help individual organizations and campaigns achieve results and also to advance an overall progressive agenda.

We have a ton of exciting things in store over the next couple of months, but I wanted to take take a moment to introduce you to our newest community member: Adam Rosenberg. Adam is your new representative on SalsaCommons.org and Salsa Lab's new Community Manager.

Adam will be your go-to guy for questions, concerns, ideas and anything related to Salsa or online organizing in general. Think of him as your liaison between Salsacommons.org and Salsa Labs. He will have a birds-eye view of the entire community and be able to connect people with similar issues or ideas. He'll also be able to represent the views of our entire community to the staff at Salsa Labs. Whether it's technical support or simply bragging about a Salsa success story - SalsaCommons.org is your one-stop shop to eat, live and breathe all things Salsa and Adam is the guy who will help you do it.

Given that our services are only useful if organizations are prepared to take full advantage of them and are given the support necessary to do that, we believe that the addition of Adam as our Community Manger and our upcoming enhancements to SalsaCommons.org are important ways to reach this goal.

Over the next few months we'll be rolling out new profile management, ways to connect to your already established social networks, forums, events, trainings, webinars and other ways for you to be super successful in your advocacy and organizing efforts.

Our upcoming Salsa Community Conference on June 24-25 in Washington, DC will be a great opportunity to not only meet Adam in person, but to connect with other Salsa users and share ideas and experiences. We hope to see you there!

This is definitely an exciting time to be a part of the Salsa community and we're looking forward to taking your SalsaCommons.org experience to the next level. Stay tuned for more updates about this soon!


April Pedersen