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Happy Friday!

I spent most of my week confused about what day it was, thanks to Memorial Day.

Conference!!! Imagine me screaming that maniacally in a Muppet-like way. That's how excited I am for you to attend. June 24-25.

Commons comments

Did you notice the last few Weekly Highlights? Thank you pages and Postcards were updated. If you haven't already, do read the Postcard post (ah, that's so fun) extra-closely so you can learn more about our new "Updates from the Salsa Kitchen."

Thanks very much to Christian for helping with this line spacing issue.

Have any thoughts about using social networking sites and Salsa? Do share.

Many have posted some great tips on setting checkbox values.

Thanks to Bill for pointing out the Developer Resources short form.

This weekend, we're celebrating the offspring's second birthday with lots of good food and bubbles. Bubbles!!! Yes, that should also be imagined as a Muppet-like scream.


P.S. Conference. In case it wasn't obvious enough, we're having one. And look! There's a pretty logo. For those who haven't already, please click to check out more details about the conference - the higher the click rate, the more Leslie will think I'm not a complete failure...

The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
I usually like to add a few notes on my favorite topics as well as what's up in our office,
all delivered with a charming dose of rambling sarcasm,
because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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