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Happy Friday!

It's finally starting to warm up a bit here. We took the offspring to splash in a river yesterday evening, then went for/splashed in ice cream. Seriously. Ice cream everywhere. He ate the cone from the bottom up.

We welcomed Adam, our Community Manager, to the office this week. He apparently has been to nearly 100 Phish shows, which causes me to paint a really strange picture of him in my head. I'm sure he's very normal. As normal as the types we hire, anyways...

It's the last week for Early Bird registration for the conference, so I hope you're signing up if you can. 

Commons comments

This week's highlight includes several updates to some Website Features workflows.

Thanks to Stephen for some tips on getting started with a splash page.

For those who use Salesforce, Sam posted some suggestions.

Has anyone made a legislative lookup widget that they could share?

Thanks for all the great email template feedback.

This weekend, we have a picnic to attend and a trip to southern Wisconsin. Our second-to-last National Guard obligation (wheeee).


P.S. Conference! In case it wasn't obvious enough, we're having one. And look! There's a pretty logo. For those who haven't already, please click to check out more details about the conference - the higher the click rate, the more Leslie will think I'm not a complete failure...

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