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Happy Friday!

I haven't eaten anything weird or gooey yet, so it should be a pretty good day. And ooh! The sun just peeked out for the first time this week. How happy-inducing.

Botherbotherbother. Have you signed up for the conference yet? Of course, I had to ask.

Commons comments

Custom field updates! I've already heard some positive feedback on this week's Weekly Highlight.

For our Third Thursday next week, James will show us how to set up Actions, then Anne Dougherty from Clean Water Action will be sharing  tips on making actions more social media-friendly.

And look, Anne also posted this solution for making sure Gmail images show up properly. See how useful she is?

Do you have any favorite sources for email templates? Please share!

James posted some tips on how to hide fields from only one page.

Bill offered tips for applying templates to generic pages.

This weekend, we're mowing our lawn and gardening at my mother-in-law's house  - had to reschedule Mother's Day because it snowed last weekend.


P.S. Conference! In case it wasn't obvious enough, we're having one. And look! There's a pretty logo. For those who haven't already, please click to check out more details about the conference - the higher the click rate, the more Leslie will think I'm not a complete failure...

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