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Happy Friday!

Um. Should I really have eaten a candy with a name like "Xploderz?" In retrospect, it was silly of me to consider it. And then to eat the whole package. Ahem. Onward...

Did you see? You can sign up for our conference now. Now, instead of incessantly reminding you of the date, I can demand that you sign up to attend. Please. I'll be there, it will be educational, there will probably be food at some point.

Commons comments

Survey says... ding! Yes, I think the Weekly Highlight this week should be about the fancy Survey tool. Thank you, Jason.

Jason also added some helpful notes about merge fields for attendees to the Commons.

Does anyone have some tips for managing donations from couples?

Have you ever seen weird question marks in your supporter data? Scott gave us some tips on where those come from.

James offered a trick for changing the wording on submit buttons.

If anyone has any tips for storefront customization, Kristen would appreciate some feedback for pop-up notices.

Have a happy weekend! I'll be celebrating Mother's Day by attending a cultural fair, hosting a giving circle, and not eating any more weirdly-named candy. Blech.


The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
I usually like to add a few notes on my favorite topics as well as what's up in our office,
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because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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