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Happy Friday!

This week has been very exciting for Salsa staff, as we welcomed several new staff members: Alli, Hilary, Lin, and Matthew. Eventually, I will meet them in person, and they will find me even stranger.

We also welcomed Kelly last week, and she's helping us with conference organization. June 24-25. If you haven't marked your calendars yet, I'm a little offended. Also, if you even sort of wish that you can attend the conference, please do read and reply to our survey - your feedback will help us be more useful. Yay.

Oh - aaaaand, a special treat for our West Coast friends: Click here to sign up to attend our party at Thirsty Bear in San Francisco on May 5.

Commons comments

This week, we highlighted the new built-in reports functionality which will make it easier to find our default reports for each package. Note that this will only be available through newer packages. For example, make sure you've added the new Supporter Management package, and you can see the built-in reports.

Did you sign up for the Actions 101 webinar on April 29? If you signed up before the 22nd, you might want to sign up again - we had to fix the form, but it should work properly now!

Have a favorite vendor for sticker production and distribution?

Clarification on custom fields: It is possible to merge custom field data.

I hope you all had a very happy Earth Day yesterday! Enjoy the weekend - I'll be playing in the dirt.


P.S. Hey. Conference: June 24 and 25, 2010.

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