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Happy Friday!

I got beat up by technology this week, thanks to a move across the middle of nowhere and my computer deciding it seemed like a good time to mess with me, so I'll be spending my weekend eating comfort food and twitching in a corner.

The future looks bright, though, what with an abundance of new coworkers: John (our third with that name), Claire (summer '09 intern turned full-time staff like someone else who didn't suck), Matt, and Alec, all members of the WiredForChange team.

'Twas the night before RootsCamp

If you're in DC, we're hosting a party for RootsCamp this evening. Even if you can't attend, you should, um, check out the poem. They said there was a poem, and I didn't believe it. Silly me.

Commons comments

There's a new Content Item workflow. Who wants to set their content items as "inactive" just because they can? Oooh. I do! I do!

Speaking of something to do because you can: Mark it on your calendar and plan to attend our summer conference. It will be awesome, because well, for one thing, I think they'll probably let me show up. I attended our last conference about 20-some days post-birthing, so I think I'll be more useful at this one. No, really.

Happy weekend!


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