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Happy Friday!

We welcomed Brett and James to the Member Services team last week, just in time to... suggest they work from home for a week. Living in Wisconsin, I admit I found it rather bizarre to think that snow could shut a city down, but wow. Check out the picture of the fire truck which got stuck in the snow just outside our office this week (right, photo courtesy of Christopher, who also spent several hours trying to get to the office this morning, then walked a mile to work after his train was derailed).

Remember Thursday?

We had that Third Thursday makeup workshop just a week ago. Remember that? Colleen shared some strategy tips for approaching queries, including the importance of planning out your queries before you use them for email blasts, mocking out a document with details on to whom you intend to send your blasts to make sure there's no overlap. As to Anupama's presentation on the new Supporter Management interface, people were particularly enthused about options for Relationships and Householding, and she'll be going over these and a few other features in next Tuesday's Supporter 2 webinar.

Commons comments

We've launched a couple updated packages in the past couple weeks - a new Donation workflow and a new Signup workflow

Brian shared the source that he uses for his short form here, and Bryan shared some resources for spell checking content. You don't have to be named Bri/yan to know neat things, but I'm sure it helps.

Know any cool nonprofits who could use Salsa? Spread the word about our Empowers Grant

It's certainly been an interesting week, but we're looking forward to providing phone support next week, Tuesday, February 16. We will not be in the office at all on Monday, February 15, in recognition of President's Day. Best wishes for the weekend!


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