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Happy Friday!

I celebrated my birthday by eating plenty of good food and watching the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie with a friend. It was not terrible, though I think I might have been most excited by the "Iron Man 2" preview...

Happy New Webinars

Our first series of Salsascript webinars sound like they went well. Salsa engineer Jesse built an SMS text messaging application completely in SalsaScript from start to finish, and concluded the session by texting all the participants. Ooooh, what skills. Apparently, he didn't find the webinar completely traumatizing, so watch our Classes and Events for more Salsascript festivities in the future.

Next week is Third Thursday! If you're in the DC area, we'd love to share some highlights from the new supporter management tool with you. Anupama will share some of our favorite new features, and Colleen Hutchings, Email Marketing Manager at the Environmental Working Group will share tips and tricks for use with the query tool and list management. And, of course, happy hour afterwards!

Commons comments

We don't have a way to automate unsubscribes based on a smart query, but does anyone have any suggestions for Lina which might make her email targeting easier?

Are you looking for something? It might be under the new Supporter Management package! From exports to relationship management, we think we have what you need, so do consider upgrading.

Don't forget, we're celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. this next Monday, January 18, so if you email or call, we won't respond (unless, of course, there's a server issue, in which case, you can email the emergency tech address).

Have a lovely weekend,


The Friday Fiesta is a more informal update on what's going on in the Salsa Community.
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all delivered with a charming dose of rambling sarcasm,
because I don't actually know how to communicate in any other way.

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