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Happy Friday!

An official welcome to the Salsa team to Jason Strautman, whom I've never met. He's informed me that he's from San Antonio, Texas and made his way to DC by working with the Kerry campaign. He apparently makes a mean blueberry muffin, which sounds pretty awesome. He's now our Director of Software Architecture, working to improve speed and usage on our database.

Commons content

How do you like the new Commons home page? I like it because all of my favorite parts of the Commons are even easier to access, now. We featured some of these changes, particularly the changes with the login interface in Wednesday's Weekly Highlight. Do you see how fancy and beautiful all of the login options are? oooooh, aaaah...

Anne posted some step-by-step tips for making donation triggers even more informative.

Webinaring in the holidays

Ready for more webinars? It's nearly December, so we're working on next month's webinar schedule. If you have any particular requests, do please let Leslie know. Like, for real, people - No one's suggested anything new in a while and it totally makes me sad.

Also, note that there are not any webinars the week of Thanksgiving (next week!), so if you were planning on attending one, you might be confused.

Finally, the office is closed Thursday and Friday, and I'm thankful.

Happy weekend!


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