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Welcome to the second 'Weekly Salsa Highlight', your quick hit on what's new in Salsa to help get the most out of your online program. As always, check out Salsa Commons for news, updates, and conversation every day.

This week, I'm personally very excited to share ...


The new Salsa Actions package is ready!

We're highly recommending you install it now. (Note: you must be a Super Admin to install packages. Ask your organization's Super Admin to make this change if you can't see the "account" tab on the right side of Salsa.)

The Actions installation will be seen by all campaign managers using your account and will be effective upon logging out and logging back in.

Actions are the newest advocacy framework to improve and replace the existing Campaign and Petition tools. They'll enhance your online advocacy with:

  • Thank-and-spank with multiple message entries per action
  • Better and faster reports
  • Better webform parsing for multistage and authenticated Congressional webforms
  • Targeting improvements

All Salsa accounts will automatically be upgraded with this package on Jan. 1, 2010 - but you can get a head start by using it today! Rest assured: all of your existing campaign data and reports will continue to be available after Jan. 1 (and forever), and the legacy campaign API will continue to function until March 1, 2010.

Questions? Join a webinar for Actions 2.0 on Nov. 20, or contact support@wiredforchange.com or support@democracyinaction.org.


Leslie Hall
Director of Member Services