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Happy Friday!

I had approximately half a pound of Halloween candy for breakfast this morning, again proving the rule that we really should wait until the last possible second to purchase treats if we don't want to totally disappoint the little ghosts and goblins.

Storefront tips from Oceana

Jonathan from Oceana wrote some great tips for storefronts, including some suggestions on how to use triggers to keep everything organized. Yay for merge fields!

Jonathan and Trina will be presenting a webinar on growing your list with creative twists during the holiday season.

Commons comments

Thanks, Anne, for the praise on the new Weekly Highlight emails we're sending out.

Here's our subscription page, if you want to make sure you're receiving your favorite types of Salsa emails (you know, maybe you'll actually want to read them?).

If anyone has any tips on how you handle donation imports, I think additional feedback would help Tamar. Thanks, Val, for your tips, too!

Kevin's feedback on Kazar's question about imports and deduplication is great, too.

November! Already?!

November's webinars and trainings were just announced via email.

We've been doing this for about a full year, and I'm still thrilled by how many webinars we offer! I don't think I'm only excited because of my sugar overdose and tendency to be easily entertained, either...

I'll be traveling to the opposite side of the state for a Halloween road trip this weekend. My son will either be a "Mickaroo" (a Michael in a kangaroo costume) or Michaelangelo (the painter, not the ninja turtle) or a creepy combination of the two ("Mickelangeroo").

Ahem. Too much candy.


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