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Happy Friday!

Freaky Fish are fun

We had our biggest Third Thursday attendance ever, partially thanks to some Facebook promotion and partially thanks to Dogfish Head Punkin Ale on tap. Trina spent the first hour showing folks how to create a quick and easy listgrowth campaign using email, postcards, and smartly planned redirects for new and existing supporters.

Then, Maureen from Oceana presented how they used custom html and cool graphics to engage supporters in creative and unique ways. Interestingly, their "just for fun" kind of campaigns meant to keep supporters engaged have turned out their highest open rates and biggest web hits.

If you're interested in attending a special 90 minute webinar next month based on October's Freaky Fish Third Thursday, please let Leslie know via email (lhall@salsacommons.org) so she can add it to the November schedule.

Current cool Commons comments

Do you have any clever holiday fundraising plans? Betsy posted this great topic, and we always like hearing of fun things our members are doing, too.

Watch out for Word! We've been running into issues with copying from Word fairly regularly of recent, so John posted a few basic tips for avoiding this.

Stickies for campaign managers - Does anyone do anything like this within your own organization? Chris would like to post reminders to his campaign managers.

Jason added some brief tips on customizing donation amounts here.

Kevin shared how he uses chapters, and feel free to add your own notes for feedback, too!

Alliteration is... um... broken

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm already in the holiday spirit, but I'm trying not to move too far past tricking and treating just yet. I have a teeny tiny costume to make for my little monster this weekend, so I'll let you know how many times I accidentally staple myself or paint the kid.


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