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Dear Fiesta-ers -

Anne posted a question about customizing donation pages and I loved seeing the responses! Every time a new response came in, I was thrilled.

Thanks to Stephen for a response regarding hit counts and Google Analytics.

If you're using the old events tool and run into errors when you try to add Event Fees, Anupama's got a quick fix for you.

Brian added a lot of great tips on allowing your supporters to update their own records, but if you have anything else to add, please do!

Finally, check out our blog for a guest post from Anne on Actions.

Happy happy Friday!


Marakie, a fan of "Mulan."


Random staff question for the week: What's your favorite animated film or show?

Marakie (left), Salsa Support Specialist: "Mulan," because it's about a woman who defies expectations.

Brett, Project Manager: "Squidbillies" on Adult Swim, because it's amazing satire and so far over the top, it's hilarious.

Jeanette, Director of Outreach: "Aristocats," because I worship cats.