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Happy Friday, dearest UAC Members and Salsa Staff:

This week, we say goodbye to our Sara-intern. She's leaving for grad school. I only met her once, and she seemed okay.

I've spent the past couple days hanging out with a bunch of Young Democrats in Chicago. It isn't very windy, but it is very city, and I've enjoyed presenting a couple workshops when not executing my usual tech support duties from my hotel room. Dan thinks I should share this incredibly uplifting post (uh. not at all related to Salsa. Just interesting. Like Salsa.).

For those of you who use Payflow Pro as your gateway processor, they're changing their API. The changes will go into affect in September, but we've updated things as necessary from our end as of a couple months back, so we should be good.

As of today, we've completed our first round of our Salsa 101 Webinar Series, and though I'm pretty sure a couple of my coworkers could think of nothing but webinars for a few days, it sounded like it went well. I just think it's awesome that we have so many webinars scheduled!

I have my three-year review next week, and then you won't hear from me for a few weeks, but don't worry, I don't think Leslie intends to fire me just yet. I'll be on vacation for a bit, and then, when I get back, I'll be experimenting with some happy fun new Fiesta formatting; some of our strange and unusual regular-type members (as opposed to the super-spectacular UAC members, of course) actually find the thought of receiving email from me entertaining...

The next Fiesta email will be sent in early September. If you want to make sure you're on the list, sign up here and if you don't sign up for my glorious Fiestas, I proooobably won't hate you.

Enjoy your weekend!