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Introducing ...
Monthly "Salsa 101" Series

New to Salsa? Just need a refresher?

Starting August 2009, take in a Salsa 101 cycle of five core trainings on five consecutive days, starting the first Monday of every month.

Dear Campaign Manager:

Here in Washington, D.C., Congress is bugging out for the August recess.

Us? We haven't had recess since 5th grade.

If you're missing out on the playground, why not study up instead with one of our free Salsa trainings?

It's the perfect month to get prepared for the end-of-the-year rush by cribbing notes on

As always, we want to hear from you -- let  us know which webinars would be most useful to you and your organization!

One thing we'd love to know:

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"Salsa 101" Series

8/3: New User Orientation
Monday, Aug. 3. 2-2:30 pm EST
Now that you're set up, learn how to get the most from a new Salsa account. Register Now!

8/4: List Management 101
Tuesday, Aug. 4. 1-1:30 pm EST
A "Salsa 101" class, all about the database that underpins your system. Register Now!

8/5: Signup Pages & Triggers
Wednesday, Aug. 5. 2-2:45 pm EST
Get the most from signup pages with segmentation, automated follow-up, and more! Register Now!

8/6: Intro to Reports
Thursday, Aug. 6, 2-2:30 pm EST
An introduction to Salsa's Custom Report builder, and how to build a few oft-requested reports. Register Now!

8/7: Email Basics
Friday, Aug. 7. 2-2:45 pm EST
An introduction to creating, scheduling, sending and reporting on e-mails.  Register Now!

8/10: Supporters into Donors
Monday, Aug. 10. 2-3 pm EST
Start using Salsa's online donations tool to help turn your supporters into donors.  Register Now!

8/12: Intro to Imports
Wednesday, Aug. 12. 3-3:45 pm EST
Find out about formatting data for import, avoiding common errors, deduplication. Register Now!

8/13: Prospective New User
Thursday, Aug. 13, 2-2:30 pm EST
A 30 minute informational webinar for prospective Salsa users. Register Now!

8/13: Events Extravaganza
Thursday, Aug. 13. 2-2:45 pm EST
Everything about the upgraded Events package, including creating an event, adding event fees, adding guests, embedding your own map and more! Register Now!

8/17: New User Orientation
Monday, Aug. 17. 2-2:30 pm EST
Now that you're set up, learn how to get the most from a new Salsa account. Register Now!

8/19: Advanced Reporting Techniques in Salsa
Wednesday, Aug. 19. 2-3 pm EST
Cook up zesty reports -- like LYBUNT, call lists, and super-activists -- that will satisfy every appetite in your organization. Register Now!

8/24: Using Salsa Strategically
Monday, Aug. 24. 2-3 pm EST
Best practices of our most successful non-profits and campaigns that can help increase your effectiveness online. Register Now!

8/26: Salsa Survival Skills
Wednesday, Aug. 26. 2-2:45 pm EST
Simplify queries! Avoid import errors! Fix a template! A basic first-aid kit for all things Salsa. Register Now!

8/27: Templates 101
Thursday, Aug. 27. 2-2:45 pm EST
All about creating and managing templates, and how to troubleshoot (and fix) common template problems. Register Now!