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Dear UAC and Salsa Staff:

The support team welcomed John Cluverius to the office this week. He started on Monday and he hasn't been fired yet. He'll be specializing in the email and donation tiers for the support team, and I already appreciate his help.

We welcome Benji from Appalachian Voices to the UAC, too. I've been meaning to add him to this list for a while now, and I finally stopped failing. For those of you who haven't added a bio or a more interesting profile image to your account, get to it. I'm going to threaten googling your info and making up your own bio if I don't hear from you (though... well... I might not actually do this...). And look! I updated my photo, so you can too! It's fast, and easy, and... next, I'm making an infomercial!

Thanks to Hailey from YDA for sharing how you use Salsa with our staff on Wednesday. We have regular member/partner lunches and would love to hear from others as well, so do let Christopher know if you're interested (cdoorley at wiredforchange.com).

I've been demoted from webinars, because I am slow. Okay, really, it was because my internet connection is terrible, so after a period of depression, I decided I'm okay with this. If you've attended any of my reports webinars or any of our other webinars, please do send Leslie feedback on how it went, or any particular requests that you have on your Salsa Webinar Wishlist (I know you keep one, just admit it). Email lhall at salsacommons.org.

I'll be in the office next week (July 27-30), so if you're in DC and feel like bringing me chocolate or anything (ahem. hint.), do stop by.

Speaking of stopping by, Jeff's asking if anyone in the Chicago area might be able to help him out with some Salsa questions. I don't remember if anyone from the UAC is nearish there, but just in case...

Fresh Fruit Fridays is back in full force this week. The support team enjoys fresh fruit today, and my family is actively cleaning a fridge-full of fruit for my brother's wedding tomorrow. I'm the best man. Yes, it's awesome.  While I wedding it up on Saturday, Leslie's apparently going to try her hand at cooking, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. For someone who's set two ovens on fire in her life (one apparently needing the fire department), prayers might actually be needed, and she welcomes any suggestions for happy, healthy, and easy recipes so she can try to fail less at this project.