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Hello all-

I've had an odd week. My brain almost broke when I tried to subtract seven from 25 in my donation reports webinar yesterday. Don't believe the lies they tell you about music majors being good at math.

I usually think it's cheesy when people say "our very own" but yeah, Our Very Own April Pedersen made the 40 Under 40 list for the New Leaders Council, and I am very proud of her - not just because she's my boss.

Jason wrote up this post on a success story this week, which might be fun to check out if you've not seen the post yet. We've already received a few questions along the lines of "How can I make my page look this pretty?" and I had to watch the video more than once, because the music is just so catchy.

Development news that excited the support team: it is now possible to import images on peer-to-peer fundraising pages.

I also was pretty thrilled to see Chris' response to Seth's question about merging in legislative names. I think a lot of users will appreciate this as well.

It's been really great to get so much support from the UAC recently. We've had a number of useful posts regarding changes to gmail paragraph rendering.

Does anyone have any tips for working with Dreamweaver and our templates? I, obviously, do not.

I hope you have a lovely weekend - I'd like to sleep a bit more than usual, but maybe I'll also study up on my subtraction. Best wishes,