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Hello all-

Last night's Events workshop sounds like it was successful. I wasn't there, because I was here, but my coworkers are pretty sure people enjoyed the workshop for reasons outside of the beer and guacamole, and we're all very enthusiastic about our newish feature release processes (and, you know, actually having the new features). And it's always fun to learn which coworkers decided they probably shouldn't drink so much anymore...

Green Grant recipients were announced, which is pretty cool.

Has anyone used a widget/web/button thing for stuff on their pages before? That's the technical term. Anyways, Beth's looking for more ideas.

Brian, you answered Michael's list segmenting questions just as I was trying to come up with some useful way to respond, which ruled.

Enjoy your weekend! I have a bridal shower to attend, so... um... well... yeah, support tickets are going to rule even MORE after that adventure.