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Dear UAC and fellow Salsa Staff people,

This week's been fairly eventful. We welcomed Dan to the support team on Monday. Our favorite fun fact: "In 5th grade, my grandmother decided it would be "cool" to give me a periwinkle blue t-shirt, with my own face on it.  She used my 5th grade head shot from school in the center, and then over the left pocket she used a smaller picture of me from the class photo.  Unfortunately with her vision going, she chose the wrong person from the class photo.  So I had a shirt with me and this kid Paul on it.  My mom made me wear it to school." This still makes me laugh each time I read it!

Then, on Thursday, we closed the office at four so that my coworkers could go cheer for the Nats and conspire against me. Jeanette and Jason were in DC to... do some member services things, I guess, and they apparently didn't scare the new staff members too much, since no one quit.

So. Does the "We Remember You!" cookie-saving automatic message thing drive you nuts? We need some beta testers to help us test new functionality that will allow you to turn off this functionality for all of your Salsa pages, so if you're interested, please email Leslie (lhall@salsacommons.org) and let her know. We'll be releasing this new fanciness to the general Salsa Community early next week.

Thanks to Bill and Anne for teaching me something new and inspiring a nice simple improvement to the email blast web page.

Thanks to Rae for being cool with my using the Code Pink account for my reports webinars - as rambling and spastic as I sometimes feel, the webinars seem to go relatively well.  There's a Donation Reports webinar on the 25th, and I love Donation Reports immensely (sadly, not really being sarcastic here), so do please join us if you've not already signed up.  Let me know, too, if you think recording this webinar would be useful to you or if you would like to check out any particular reports after the webinar.

Some pretty neat customization of petitions from Nick, for those of you who didn't see it, but I'll need a developer to reply with more information on how this sort of thing would be applied to other accounts.

The legacy Tomato interface is no longer log-into-able as of today, so don't even think about trying (and again, if there's something you miss from Tomato, please let us know so we can make Salsa even... zestier. Yes, it's Friday. My brain breaks on Fridays).

Ah. Weekends.