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Dear Salsa Staff and UAC Members,

My son turned one this week! We celebrated with a day off work, four shots (um, not booze, immunizations), carrot cake, a rocking horse and fireworks. 

Almost as thrilling as a birthday celebration, I just welcomed Bill and Brian to the UAC, so I hope they too enjoy my random Friday emails. Check out the ever-expanding UAC page and let me know if you want to update or modify your bio or anything. I do actually look at this page for fun, so really, updates are fantastic.

Betsy's asking if anyone has seen this sort of autoreply before.

Stacey's wondering if anyone has any suggestions for creating an online pledge form.

Daniel's looking for examples of cool things with Salsa, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing additional posts!

Shameless self-promotion as demanded by Leslie: I'm trying something a little new with my reports webinars and splitting things up by package. My supporter webinar yesterday went pretty well (after I figured out how to use the phone), so do please consider joining me next week for the Email Reports Webinar or on the 29th for Donation Reports.

Let me know if you think the new format is more or less helpful and feel free to heckle, just for fun.

Finally, if (or when) you learn anything new about the Salsa Interface, do please remember you can post a Solution to the forum! I actually forget this all the time, but it's always thrilling to see some pre-emptive assistance for the Salsa Community. Yes, "pre-emptive" only reminds me of war now. Sigh. 

Enjoy your weekend!