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Dear Salsa Staff and UAC Members,

My fudge-making went very well, then I skipped a Fiesta email because, well, work traumatized me. For those of you who haven't noticed, we've hired several new people recently, which I think will help ease my trauma. Marakie, Victoria and Anupama are the newest additions to the Member Services team, and so far, they seem quite useful. I really do believe our favorite hot sauces say something about our personalities.

Next week, after celebrating my son's first birthday (he survived a year! wow!), I will not be celebrating the departure of my coworker Jeff on Friday. Jeff's dry wit and mellow demeanor have served us well and we will miss him greatly when he returns to his tiny island to finish his Ph.D. Darn academics.

On to the bothering:

Do any of you work on communicating with low income families at all? Jeanette's looking for specific examples of communication for this demographic. Even if this isn't really something you work on, if you've seen any compelling examples outside of your work, too, I'd like to hear more.

Check out our updated list of webinars!  I'm working on a slightly different format for reports webinars. If you want to attend one and let me know what you think, I'd dig it.

Enjoy your weekend!


p.s. My son helped with the subject line. Best little prodigy ever.