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Did you know?

  • Through DemocracyInAction and Wired For Change, Inc, the Salsa platform is being used by over 600 organizations and campaigns?
  • And through those clients, we are now reaching over 21 million engaged individuals?
  • That we send approximately 4-5 million emails per day on behalf of these groups?
  • That Salsa has developed into the most affordable, open, customizable, and extensible online organizing platform on the market?
  • That the Salsa platform was built to be customized to the needs of each individual client - from workflows up to custom applications?
  • That approximately 20 new organizations join the network each month?

What does membership mean?

Membership means you can expand and deepen your relations with your clients. You can expand the value of your service with our highly a affordable, customizable, and extensible Salsa platform, ongoing technical support for your team and your clients as well as on discounts for your clients or generate some additional revenue and much more.

Shall We Dance?  Sign up to Become a Salsa Partner

We want to work with you to bring innovative online advocacy, outreach, fundraising tools and strategies to nonprofits and campaigns.  Many Salsa users either hear about or are referred to us via our network of partners.  Our partners are organizations that are dedicated to making change though the use of technology.   Sign up and begin to reap the benefits of membership in our Partners Program.