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Salsa Highlight: SYBUNT and LYBUNT donor queries


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Salsa's Query tool has grown to incorporate a number of donor-query options that you might want to be aware of heading into the second half of the year. It's never too early to start planning for those crucial year-end donations.

SYBUNT, LYBUNT, and other nifty donor queries

Assuming you're making use of Salsa Donations, you should see these choices when you go to the Supporter tab and build a new Query that uses Donation History.

A picklist lets you query for donors in many different ways. It's the options in the lower half of this list that are the newest and potentially most powerful features.

Image: Donation Query options

These tools should let your development team identify by name and/or target for email important segments of high- or lower-performing donors.

For instance, you can immediately identify everybody who has made a certain number of contributions, or a contribution above a certain dollar amount, during a specific date range.

Image: Donation date range query

One great way to put this to use is to combine query terms including both counts of donations in previous years and "counts" of zero donations in the current year.

Using this sort of query, you can do some slick donor targeting, such as:

  • LYBUNT: Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year. These are folks who care about your mission enough to contribute, and did so very recently, but they haven't (yet) repeated the gift this year. LYBUNT donors are definitely worth special outreach and messaging to induce a renewal gift.

  • SYBUNT: Some Year But Unfortunately Not This Year. Similar to LYBUNT, but incorporates people who have made any previous gift, not just those who gave last year.

Image: A SYBUNT donor query

In fact, given the flexibility of counts, amounts, and date ranges, you can get a good deal more specific than that. For instance, consider the possibilities for custom-tailoring messages, follow-up, or just internal reporting around folks such as:

  • Donors who gave two years ago, but neither this nor last year.

  • Donors whose gift amounts have significantly grown or fallen during a particular period of time.

  • First-time donors (those with a gift this year but never in previous years), especially those who might have been on your list for some time before making a gift.

  • High-engagement supporters (perhaps defined by Salsa Scoring) who aren't donors.

The possibilities are endless!

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