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Full fathom five thy father lies: Of his bones are coral made: Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.
-William Shakespeare,
The Tempest And just when we were getting comfortable. Via the couldn't-be-more-aptly-named Sea Change comes this fabulous chart of different online activities by age group. Take a look at that thing. While "Collectors" are strikingly distributed throughout the population curve, there's an amazing phenomenon in every other category of engagement: Under-27s are qualitatively more participatory than everyone else, even their immediate elders. You'd probably expect folks born in the Truman Administration to rock the geek a little less than the Wii-implant generation. No surprise, that. But across the board, half of the dropoff from "Generation Y" to "Older Boomers" occurs between ages 26 and 27.

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You ever have that moment -- where you think, what the devil did people do before the Internet? What did I do? And, "I'm one well-placed electromagnetic pulse from "Omega Man"? I debated in high school, moderately competently. Research was the coin of the realm in forensics, and I presume still is although I haven't been in the game in forever. Are those faint recollections of card catalogue lookups, photocopying magazine pages and then cutting and freaking pasting them -- like kindergarten -- really right? Dragging around several enormous tubs full of profoundly anti-ergonomic evidence to make sure of having the right sheet of paper to whip out and read? That world's information management seems closer to cloistered copyists than the life I lead at the moment.

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Attention Must Be Paid

"Lomans not Shamans," says stavrosthewonderchicken, taking stock.
"Conversation as intercourse. Intercourse as commerce. You know somebody's getting fucked. I think it might be us. Ad copy tattoed on our lover's forehead, and we're so inured to it that we don't even notice anymore. We're trying to make love in the middle of the marketplace, but we're just getting screwed."
(Via Wealth Bondage.) Crazed rantings there. Best to put that one on the watch list before his next trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport Travelodge.

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Fred Turner on the Rise of Digital Utopianism

Resuming for a moment my professionally ironic role of nptech skeptic, I can't recommend highly enough this video (or this audio) of Stanford prof Fred Turner discussing his new book.

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