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by Jason Z.

With the Salsa Community Conference in the books like a Dutch defender, it's full steam ahead into the steaming D.C. summer.

If you subscribe to our Events and Trainings newsletter, you already know all about the full slate of Salsa trainings on the docket for July. This, the week of July 12, is a particularly busy one as it hapens to combine our two recurring monthly training events.

"Salsa 101"

New to Salsa, or have a new person on your team? Especially geared towards newer users, a five-day sequence of webinars on the core tools in the software kicks off today with the aptly-named New User Orientation.

Follow that up with:

(more ...)

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Salsa Labs Cinco de Mayo reception in San Francisco

by Jason Z.

Bay denizens may already know that Salsa Labs is representing on the left coast with our new Nonprofit Director, Matt Wilson.

What better occasion than Cinco de Mayo to make the man's acquaintance at one of our famous Salsa parties?

Matt will be hosting Salsa Lab founders April Pedersen and Chris Lundberg at the Thirsty Bear [ map ] next Wednesday, May 5, from 4 p.m. to late.

  • 4 - 5 p.m. April, Chris, and Matt share the latest bubbling potions from Salsa Labs: what's the latest, what's planned next, and how to make guacamole on a bunsen burner.
  • 5 - 8 p.m. (or thereabouts) Happy hour! Chill with old and new friends in Salsa's caliente California community. Refreshments for this auspiciously synergystic occasion are on us.

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Party for Change

by Lindsay Marsh, Middle Coast LLC

Middle Coast LLC, the hottest new consulting firm in the Progressive Movement, is pleased to join every online organizer's best friend, Salsa Labs, in co-sponsoring Welcome to Roots Camp - A Night of Mayhem.

In teaming up with the good folks at the New Organizing Institute, Middle Coast and Salsa wish to honor the front line activists who make progressive change possible with whiskey, beer and delicious snacks.

Get ready to rev up your Rock Band on and carry on like the Karaoke star you know you are, and join us at Salsa’s headquarters located at the corner of Connecticut and R NW, just north of the Dupont Circle metro station. The entrance is on R st, between the Starbucks and the Teaism.

Empowering people is hard work. Middle Coast and Salsa are proud to lend a hand to the New Organizing Institute as they host "a candid reflection on all of the online and offline organizing done in 2009." Roots Camp DC begins Saturday, Feb. 20, but the party starts Friday night at 8:00 pm.

So join Middle Coast, Salsa, and NOI - a triumvirate of organizing excellence and good cheer - and kick off Roots Camp as it sprouts in the District in 2010.

Middle Coast LLC is a team of skilled professionals and passionate advocates with decades of experience in the progressive advocacy and campaign world. Melissa Byrne, Gina Cooper, Lindsay Marsh and Melissa McNee founded Middle Coast in 2009 to help progressive causes and candidates find success one strategic decision at a time.

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RootsCamp this weekend ... pre-party tonight

by Jason Z.

It's the most wonderful time of the year: RootsCamp!

Hosted by the New Organizing Institute, a great organization we're proud to call a Salsa user, RootsCamp is an essential stop on the online organizing training circuit. At ten bucks for a bustling "unconference" with political strategist and professional communicators who seriously know their onions, you'd be crazy not to come.

Since you're here in town anyway, do like the e.politics man says and join Wired For Change and Salsa Labs and get planted pre-Rootscamp tonight from 8 p.m. to late at the Salsa offices at 1700 Connecticut Avenue NW (the corner of Connecticut and R, right above the Starbucks).

'Twas the night before Rootscamp and all through DC Progressives were looking for something to see. Ready to talk about topics so varied, They begin looking 'round for a place to be merry.

When up above Dupont there rose such a cry. They said to themselves, "hey, let's go stop by!" On R street they found a party so sweet-- There was booze to be drunk and people to meet.

They wanted to drink and rock really hard But karaoke killed careers and georgetown killed bars. Come rock band! Come Guitar Hero! Come whiskey! Come Beer! Salsa Labs threw a rager, and you heard it here.

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DIA Salsa Poised to Release March 15

And in characteristic DIA style, you're invited to the party. Please join us after hours, and deep into the wee hours, at Rumberos just a block north of the Columbia Heights metro on the Green Line. (map) Users current and prospective, friends, consultants, and interested parties of every stripe (and attendees of the Politics Online Conference, which kicks off that day ... and for which you can register at the DIA-discounted rate of $250 using the code polc031507) ... come join us at the christening.

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It's Our Holiday Party and You Can Come If You Want To

Dec. 14: Be there, aloha. (Click the pic to RSVP)

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