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Strategy webinar added for June 22: List-Building

by Jason Z.

A late addition (too late to make the monthly "upcoming trainings and events" newsletter, which you can sign up for here) to our June events calendar that you won't want to miss:

List-Building Strategy
Tuesday, June 22, 3 pm Eastern
With consultant Matt Holland, formerly of TrueMajority

Learn how you can build your list through cross-promotions with other groups. We'll take a look at how other groups have succesfully grown their lists through this easy, yet underutilized strategy. Register Now >>

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The Small Nonprofits' Guide to Holiday Fundraising You Actually Have Time To Do

Happy December. Snuck right up on you, didn't it? That cold sweat breaking out might the realization -- knowing full well that December is the development sweet spot, and especially the last week of the year -- that you've got to get that holiday ask out right quick, and you haven't had a chance to give it a speck of thought up to now.

Best Practices for a 3x5 Notecard

There are 18 business days from Wednesday, Dec. 4 through the end of the year, assuming you're actually working all of them and none fall victim to office parties, inclement weather, holiday sniffles, or miscellaneous NGO emergencies. For those also scratching out grant reporting, board cozying, postal mail soliciting, major donor massaging, admin drudging and -- oh yeah -- that part of the day that's actually about the mission all this is supposed to uphold -- finding as much as half a working day over that span to devote to online giving might very well be an achievement. And even that might be a questionable return-on-investment proposition if the idea is to, say, bump up your donation harvest by +50% ... from an expected 20 donations. I question how well those of us with the chutzpah to speak from Olympus on the subject treat with that reality for the small and the strapped. Take The Procratinators' Guide to Year-End Fundraising (.pdf), a new joint publication of Care2 and Sea Change Strategies. These are smart cookies, and there's some very good stuff here for building an online fundraising presence. But four chapters of 10 are about what you should have been doing for the other 11 months, which is rather the opposite of what the title promises. And many of the other suggestions (videotape test donors interacting with your pages?!) could only be implemented quickly by an online department so well-resourced that it wouldn't have been procrastinating its year-end fundraising to begin with. Other organizations may have a more basic and pressing question:

How do you get the most return for four hours' work on your online ask?

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Session Notes: New Organizing Institute, Day 3

The sequel to Day One of these notes from the New Organizing Institute, with Day Two spent ill abed.

Greg Green, Blue State Digital

Difference between CRM & CMS Use CRM to track and contact campaign's supporter Use CMS to edit web site w/o a lot of updating Handy for 1. when there are a lot of people on the campaign updating things 2. when there are people in different locations who all need to access/update data 3. essential if there's a pretty large database of people you're contacting regularly and trying to track (e.g., you want to make sure you don't ask for money the day after they gave...)

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Session Notes: New Organizing Institute, Day 1

They're not pretty, but they're breathy with the immediacy of being there -- the New Organizing Institute training, to be exact. Oh, and Item! What prominent e-politics blogger actually takes his notes longhand? We won't tell, but he's ... ah, the devil, it's Colin at e.politics. The completeness, precision and comprehensibility of these notes are not warrantied.

Morning session: Madeleine Stanionis, "Raising $$$ and Activating Supporters with Email"

Computer being obnoxious so parentheticals following are ex post facto recollections of an excellent presentation.

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Get $15,000 in Communications Services from Free Range's Gratitude Grant

Our friends (and former landladies and -lords) down the way at Free Range Graphics are offering Gratitude Grant(s) for compelling progressive causes. Free Range -- the brains behind such design/marketing brilliance as The Meatrix -- tantalizes with the prospect of:
up to $15,000 worth of our communications services from our menu of core offerings: strategic communications consulting, organizational identity, print design, web design and Flash animation. Need to rally activists around an issue or capture critical media attention? Modernize your logo? Chart out an online fundraising strategy? As long as you have a concrete goal and a mission that makes a positive difference for our planet and its people, we encourage you to apply!

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New Report Reveals how MoveOn's 3.2 million voters impacted elections

MoveOn's new report, Election 2006: People Powered Politics, is worth serious consideration for several reasons. First and foremost, they helped take back the House and shake up key Republican strongholds, through their impressive use of on-line and off-line organizing. The result: Moveon's 3.2 million volunteer made 7 million phone calls, organized 7,500 house parties, and launched 6,000 in-district events. They also raised and spent $27 million in this two-year election cycle, with mostly small donors. The list continues. How did they do this?

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