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Fired Attorney Documents Crowdsourced

Thousands of pages of DoJ documents related to the fired attorneys thing posted on the House Judiciary Committee website have been scattered to the readership of Talking Points Memo for perusal and analysis. Posted at 12:51 a.m. -- the middle of the night -- the request has generated as of this writing (nine hours hence) 35,900 words* of responses/comments, en route to its imminent canonization to the constellation of "network power rewrites political rules" anecdotes. (Stand by, Sunlight Foundation.) (Update -- we beat their story.)

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Yochai Benkler, Holding Forth

Kicking it at the redoubtable Freedom To Connect conclave today, and came back with a bit of darkly indistinct video of the feature presentation by Yochai Benkler. ... and ...

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DIA Embraces Web 2.0? This Is News?

Oh, you mean the other DIA.
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is seeing "mushrooming" use of these various Web 2.0 technologies that are becoming critical to accomplishing missions that require intelligence sharing among analysts... "Web 2.0 mashup fans on the Internet would be very much at home in the burgeoning environment of top-secret mashups, which use in some cases Google Earth and in some cases other geospatial, temporal or other display characteristics and top-secret data."
Source. Via Smart Mobs.

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Oscars: Wisdom of Crowds?

We report, you decide. Here are the consensus choices from entries in the Nptech Oscar Pool, for those keeping score at home while refreshing the DIA blog between Ellen monologues. The parenthetical figure is the number out of 59 entrants who chose it. A winner, or a thinly-veiled excuse for cheesecake? Read on.

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