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The Cycle of Netroots Life

At least the healing, back-to-fundraising process can begin in the bosom of YearlyKos, whose namesake shared these observations on FISA capitulation day:
We are a full-fledged partner in the progressive coalition ... with our allies in the labor movement, our friends in the issue groups, and our party leadership. ... [E]arly hostility – based on substantive differences – is now giving way to new respect and trust.
We in the club, yo! What's systematic, institutional betrayal if not a call for more and better Democrats?

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From the Kosniki: Give the Gift of a Friedman

If some charity actually offered this as their holiday gift card fundraiser -- I could get a faux-visa card or actual gift certificate of a Friedman like this -- I'd pony up for a few in an instant. I'm dead serious. First off, Atrios would pick it up, so it'd be all over the big blogs. In fact, this would be your chance to diary it yourself on kos and get yourself frontpaged. It's a born blogads hook, or you could just rely on word of mouth; either way, the buzz would give it a shot at quirky-sidebar coverage by CNN, MSNBC, or other big media scrounging for holiday frippery. And you might get sued by Visa or, even better, the Moustache himself. You cannot buy that kind of publicity.

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