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Ryan Ozimek on the Nonprofit Jungle Podcast

by Jason Z.

Ryan Ozimek of PICnet, which will build you a fly site with the Joomla content management system, talks open source with New York consultants Big Duck.

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Your Fundraising Drive Was Better Than This

What with the holidays, things have been a bit quiet on the DIAtribe lately, but DemocracyInAction has so many fish to fry, such a plentitude of balls in the air, so awfully many buns in the oven, there'll be chatter aplenty right quick. We're cranking on some new tools and some new documentation and help sections that'll be exciting to share and get feedback about. And with the end of the year, we'll be diving back into our data for updated intelligence on last year's popular series of the best Hour/Day/Month to ask for donations, along with whatever else we find. So things ought to get friskier hereabouts as well.

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Gourmet Dog Food

In rolling out our spiffy new Drupal* site, one of the questions we confronted was whether to go with the spiffy Drupal blog application, or stick with the original we'd set up. This sort of thing becomes an interesting question for a software provider ... because the original exploited DIA's own blogging tool. People with software to sell are quite rightly expected to use said software in appropriate contexts in their own operations. Now, in over a year of very diligently eating our own dog food, I've come to rather intimate terms with its texture, flavor, and aftertaste.

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